February 23, 2009

The Roman element

Yesterday was very sunny Sunday so we went for a walk (we took a camera of course:)) These are two of our shots.

This tenement is situated on Jagiellonska Street - the main street of Nowy Sacz. This street consists of two parts. The first one is open for car traffic, the second one is purposed only for pedestrian traffic, so called 'deptak' (which you can see here). This building is located at the open for car traffic part of Jagiellonska Street.The building is the office of a bank (many banks in Nowy Sacz are located in beautiful tenements:)). On the top of the roof of this building there are sculptures which resemble to some Roman carvings.


cieldequimper said...

Beautiful classical building! And you're lucky to have sunny weather! ;-))

VATAR said...

Tyle razy tamtedy przechodzilem, a nigdy nie zauwazylem tych rzezb na dachu ;)