February 24, 2009

The black cat on the roof

This house - with such unusual decoration like you can see in our today's photos - is located on Dlugosza Street (near 'Planty' Park). The building is the residence of the art gallery.
To be honest, it's not very easy to notice this black cat on the chimney. So when you will get by this building, don't forget to glimpse on its roof:)


Fio said...

No i wiadomo dlaczego czarny ;-)
Fajny pomysł.

Hilda said...

That is such a whimsical decoration! I love it! (The little balcony's railing is gorgeous too!)

Jacob said...

What a fine building. And the cat is just wonderful!

Juergen Kuehn said...

Very homely and cosy looking building. A fine shot!

valeria said...

Bautiful house. I love that cat on the chimney, it's such a good idea!!!

Steffe said...

I like the architecture and obviously the cat!

susieofarabia said...

You live in a really amazing place! Love the cat on the chimney!

M said...

I love your photoblog and every day I'm running to my computer to check if there is a new photo already posted!
I'm also a little amused of your english, but thats my little thing...LOL!
Anyway, I just want to add to the description of that building that for sure in 60's and 70's and maybe even up to the late 80's in this building was a kindergarten. I know it, because it was MY OWN kindergarten which I attended in 1973-1976. I have in my archive a picture which was taken in the rear of the building (left on the photo), which at my time there was a little playground and later as much as I remember still in the year 2000 was a lovely and very lively garden cafe. But back to the history: On the right there was (and as we see still is) main entrance, behind which there was couple stairs and doors to the "locker room" - although there was no lockers there, only rows of hooks with a little sings above it (I'm sure mine had some kind of an animal or fruit there). Behind the two windows just to the left from the main entrance, was the reading/entertaining/dining room (I have picture of it) with little tables and six little chair by every one of 'em, where kindergartnerers spent their "active time". Behind the two windows under balcony there was Grand Room, where kids where exercised but where they also spent nappy time - after lunch. That was also place of Carnival Dance and where Santa Claus was visiting kids. Many great memories are coming to me, when I'm thinking about that place.
Thank you so much for this picture!!!
Maciek, Chicago