May 15, 2009


We found her on one of the tenements in Nowy Sacz's center. She was standing at the corner of Jagiellonska Street and Lwowska Street. When we will walk there next time we will check if she is still standing there:)

Some time ago ... :) we have been tagged by Versailles Daily Photo! Thank you Cieldequimper! Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to manage it earlier.

The rules are simple: Tag and link back to the person who tagged you. List six (un) important things that make you happy. Tag six bloggers and let them know they're "it". We all feel this blogging community to be one of inclusion and friendship.
Here are our six "happy" things:
1. Spending time with the second 'm':)
2. Photography
3. Cycling
4. Travelling
5. Weekend
6. Sunshine weather.

Our six tagged bloggers (in no particular order):


PAK said...

Jak widać topless to stara moda ;)

Dziękuję! I na dniach powinienem zamieścić odpowiedzi!

Magdala said...

I like your blog very much and I observe it, so I've decided to tag You. You have already known the rules...but as you want,
visit my blog, please:

Vogon Poet said...

It's better than many statues!

joo said...

Bardzo jest ładna:)

Jacob said...

Congratulations. You deserve the honor!

Jacob said...

For a couple of reasons, I really like this photo! May her life in that place be long and happy!

April said...

Wonderful details, a great townhall. Ours consists of modern and old parts, a strange mixture. I think I should take some photos there.
Could you please allow name/URL in your comment settings? My blogger account is old and leads to nothing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she gets covered up in the cold weather?!

Thanks for the tag - will have to get my thinking cap on :)