March 6, 2012

Room Above the Roof

I like searching such suprises like this 'room'. I found several such 'rooms' above the roofs in buildings by the town square. This is one of them.


Lowell said...

Does someone live there? Looks rather cool. I'll bet they have a good view. Nice find.

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Will Peartin said...

That does look like a cool-mini roof. Heh, well, I guess exploring the rooftops is a fun activity. The elevation up there is quite exciting, and you never know what you can see up there, whether it's from down below or right up there. Also, the shiny surface of the roof there kinda looks pretty.

- Will Peartin

Saundra Wordlaw said...

Judging by the picture, it seems like a glass roof, Crocrodyl. A glass roof is indeed, cool, Will. There are actually three styles of glass roof, namely, the Victorian, Edwardian and lean-to style. Glass roof panels will help to give your conservatory a traditional look.

Saundra Wordlaw