March 19, 2012

Clock is ticking for Winter

21st of March is the first day of spring so there are last days of winter. But it seems that winter went away some time ago because we have beautiful weather in Nowy Sacz now:)
The photo of the clock tower of our townhall.


joo said...

Juz niedługo i prawdziwa wiosna zagości:)
Piekny zegar!

VP said...

Nice shot of a beautiful clock with a blue sky in background!

Lowell said...

March 21 is a wonderful day as spring finally arrives and the winter is past and we can look forward to sunny days and warmer nights! 'Tis a gorgeous old clock!

Ada said...

Zgłaszam sprzeciw! To już 20. marca czyli dziś, już przyszła, dokładnie o 6.14 :)

Pięknych wiosennych dni życzę :)