January 16, 2012

Going to the work... for over 100 years

Historically, Nowy Sacz is a town of railway. According to this fact, a monument of railwayman appeared last year in the front of Nowy Sacz's Railway Station.The monument symbolizes the hard work of railway's workers.
Our railway station is in a bad condition, but fortunatelly it is going to be fully renovated this year.


Lowell said...

At least you have a railway station and trains. We have very few and it's difficult or impossible to get around most places by train! Glad that your station is to be renovated!

JM said...

It look too cold to be out there for 100 years! :-))) Great title.

Hilda said...

I don't think I want to work in the same job for a hundred years. Five years is almost too much for me already - I'm itching to do something new!

I'm so glad for you that the station will be renovated. It looks like a beautiful building.

joo said...

Super rzeźba:)