December 12, 2011

Colourful hand

Yesterday we presented the coat of arms of Nowy Sacz. Today we would like to show you the commercial sign of Nowy Sacz. It is placed on gadgets which should advertise our town (for example T-shirts, ballpens, cups etc.) and as you can see - also on bus:)
The white mark in the middle of the hand is a symbol of the townhall. The shape of the hand was chosen because the town square and surrounding streets have similar shape from the air (on aerial photos).
There was a huge discussion about this sign in Nowy Sacz. One catholic association stated that the sign is inspired by satanic movements and demanded from the local authorities to withdraw this project. Finally, the sign is in use. We are curious if you like it.


VP said...

I like the sign: it is a good idea to have a different and more modern one for commercial purposes.

joo said...

Bardzo ciekawy pomysł na promocje:)
Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Lowell said...

Oh please. Sometimes religious people just don't get it! It looks to me like the hand of friendship extended to residents of Nowy Sacz and to visitors to your city.

I like it very much and love the colors!

Fio said...

Od samego początku bardzo podobało mi się to logo. Uważam, że jest świetne! Mało elementów, duzo tresci. Uwielbiam takie! Gdy pierwszy raz usłyszałam o tej diabelsko-czarodziejskiej interpretacji, myslałam, że to jakies jaja. Cóz, w tym kraju juz mnie nic nie zdziwi...