August 6, 2010

Classic Cars Rally 2010 [2]

The second set of photos from the Classic Cars Rally. If you look carefully in the first photo you will see the reflection of the Nowy Sacz townhall.


Jacob said...

I must be a "classic," too as I remember these cars very father bought a 1946 Oldsmobile with automatic shift - in 1946! That was really exciting!

Beautiful shots!

this too will pass said...

love it

joo said...

To pierwsze zdjęcie jest niesamowite!

James said...

I like these classic cars and the make great reflections. I also like the wooden playground that you pposted the other day.

Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

These classic cars are great! The first car is perfect for a wedding! And if you want a classical theme for your wedding, this car can be perfect for it, and plus the facte that adds a bit of drama to creative shots.

Nicole Vickers