June 4, 2010


Flood in Nowy Sacz. Again, the last one we had about... 3 weeks ago! You can see photos from today's morning which we've taken in several places in our town, along Kamienica River.

In the 1st and 2nd photo there is the Bridge of the 700 years of the town of Nowy Sacz.
In the 3rd photo - flooded Sandecja Stadium.
In the 4th and 5th photo there is the river near the old town.

In the 6th photo - the view on the Kamienica River from the footbridge. Normally, it looks like this.
In the 7th photo - the mentioned above footbridge.
And it is still raining...


Linnea W said...

I'll send you some of our sunny blue skies. That's quite a torrent of water rushing through the town. I hope the rainfall stops soon and that there is not a lot of damage from the floods.

Rob and Mandy said...

So much water... Terrible.

arturguzy said...

Teraz powódź w Nowym Sączu ;/
Ehh, pozdrawiam z Bielska;)

joo said...

Trzymajcie się jakoś!!!
U nas chwilowo odpuściło, ale serce boli jak patrzę i słucham co się dzieje!
Pozdrawiam serdecznie.