March 21, 2010

Goodbye to the winter

Today is the first day of the spring. By this photo we want to definitively say goodbye to the winter.


Kim said...

I so LOVE the light you've captured in this shot. It is very beautiful. Wishing you warm breezes and flowers and leaves soon!

Jacob said...

This is spring? ;-) It's a beautiful scene, winter or spring! Things will warm up soon, I'm sure! said...

Sorry, but this does not look like spring to me.

nobu said...

My uncle lives in northern part of japan.
I like to see those snow in spring, soft and gentle.
In Japan, those snow melt and supply precious water to rice fields.

Cezar and Léia said...

Bye Bye winter! :)

This picture is so beautiful, great composition dear friends!

Mirela said...

There's too much snow for this time of year... Has it begun to thaw? I can't wait to see snow-free photos from Nowy Sacz :)

JM said...

This is a beautiful photo but very far from my idea of spring! :-) Wish you get rid of all the snow pretty soon to be able to watch the blooming fields.

m_m said...

Dear friends!
There are no snow already in Nowy Sacz. This photo was taken few weeks ago, but by posting it we wish to say goodbye to the winter:)
We will post some new photos when we will have enough time to go for a longer walk:)

Rob and Mandy said...

Oh wow, this is a beautiful photo!