January 16, 2010

White January

Hello! The beginning of the year of 2010 is very snowy in Poland.
As you can see in the photo (banks of the Kamienica River) everything is white - it seems to look very nice, but makes some troubles as well:)
It is our first post in this year (shame on us:)) so we wish all of you a Happy New Year and happy photoblogging!


Diederick Wijmans said...

Beautiful soft snow. Very nice!!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Amazing photo. I guess you could call your town Snowy Sacz.

Sorry about that.

Fio said...

Snowy Sącz, dobre!
No gdzie wy sie podziewacie tyle czasu, hę?

joo said...

No właśnie, gdzie się podziewacie?

Hilda said...

I can only imagine the problems that snowy weather brings. Makes for a lovely photo though.

Welcome back! And I wish you a happy 2010 too!

Rob and Mandy said...

Happy new year! My, that's a lot of snow! We have a lot of snow here in Spain as well, even as far south as Sevilla.

m_m said...

Thanks for all your comments!
@Fio i @Joo - niestety obowiązki... ale mamy nadzieję, że uda nam się częściej aktualizować bloga:) Dziękujemy za cierpliwość:)

nobu said...

And so fantstsic.

Here in Funabashi, we don't have snow yet.
But cold wave stay here, really very cold.

Karine said...

This is a lovely photo! I always love how everything looks after a big dumping of snow, it gives a very peaceful touch to the world :o)

Chuck Pefley said...

WOW! Snow is so beautiful! It is too bad snow makes travel so difficult, though. Gorgeous photo!

Thanks for your visit -:)

JM said...

Beautiful photo!!!