August 29, 2009

Dunajec nearby Stary Sacz

The Dunajec River nearby Stary Sacz.


Rob said...

looks like paradise! The landscape is very similar to some places in the Danube Delta in Romania. Just needs birds, and some Gypsies camping on the shore. I love this photo for all it suggests. Very evocative! I think I could write a whole story around it.

James said...

It looks nice and very peaceful.

Fio said...

Ech, pieknie. Szkoda,ze lato sie juz konczy .... :-(

Asta said...

Hi M_M,

This is such a magnificant landscape. I love the reflections in the water. It's beautiful!

Happy Saturday!

Best regards,

Cezar and Léia said...

wow this River is wonderful and so beautiful.I loved the sun light !

Tash said...

very tranquil on this day.
I was wondering if there was a Stary Sacz.