July 19, 2009

Fair of the St. Margaret

Yesterday and today, a medieval fair took place near the church of the St. Margaret.
In the first photo you can see a girl who is making clay pots and vases (pottery).
In the second photo there is one of many stalls.
In the third picture you can see famous mountainous smoked cheeses ('oscypki').
There were also medieval knights and, as you can see, they fought for dear life:)


Asta said...

Hi M_M,

Very nice. In particular I like the picture of the girl making pots. She looks so focused and concentrated.

I think these types of fairs are very good, because it reminds us of the fact that creativity and ability to survive is not just a modern characteristic. The medieval men and women were very imaginative as well.

Best regards

PAK said...

A ja myślałem, że wszyscy rycerze udali się do Grunwaldu :) (A tu przecież trzeba było zatrzymać krzyżackich sojuszników ;) ).

Fantastycznie, że macie takie imprezy!

James said...

I really like this post.

JM said...

Great set of photos! The 1st shot is awesome!

joo said...

Świetnie się bawicie, jadło i napoje wyglądają super:)

Jacob said...

Great photos, m_m ... makes me want to go there! I'm fascinated with the very young girl making pottery, and those cheeses!


Anonymous said...

They are really good photos - I love that first picture, she looks so caught up in what she's doing.

I wouldn't mind a mouthful of that cheese, too!


Vogon Poet said...

This is much more original than our fairs here. I am not sure if I tasted those oscypki, but if those are what I remember they are great!
Very nice photos, if you have more please post them.

brattcat said...

You really bring us to this fair with your lens. Thank you. I'm with many of the others...that first shot draws you right in. Her concentration is magnetic. And those cheeses. I can just imagine the taste and what I'm imagining is very yummy.

Hilda said...

This fair looks and sounds wonderful! I would have enjoyed performance and the food! The cheese especially!

The girl making the pots looks so young. And I'm intrigued by the liquid inside those jugs in the second photo. Did you find out what they were?

Mirela said...

I love the first photo! Btw, I almost posted knights photo last night, but opted for another theme. It seems every European country has some sort of medieval-historical-.... festival going on! Cool!

Tash said...

The photo of the girl is just marvellous. I think you can make a commemorative book for the event with your photos.