June 6, 2009

SANDECJA is coming back to the 2nd Division (I Liga)!

Sandecja is the oldest (established in 1910) and the most popular sport club in the region of Nowy Sacz. Yesterday footballers of Sandecja won in the last game of current season in an away game in Piotrkow Trybunalski and the club is promoted to the Polish 2nd Division (I Liga)! It is the biggest success of sport in Nowy Sacz for many years. The last time when Sandecja played in this level was 17 years ago, in the season 1991/92.
We are posting also some photos from Sandecja's stadium. Its capacity is about 5000 (3200 seats).
It is possible that after the promotion the stadium will be modernized.


Jacob said...

Congratulations to your footballers...I can imagine people in Nowy Sacz are excited. Lovely photographs of a very nice stadium!

Cezar and Léia said...

Well I'm not this kind of "soccer"fan anyway it is very popular here in Brazil.
I have never been to a stadium but I would love to be there to see "Madona's show"! LOL
Great pictures and I hope SANDECJA should go to first division soon!
Have a nice weekend and enjoy your team!

James said...

Congrats to your team!

gogouci said...

Very exciting time for the team and sport. Great pics too.

PAK said...

A Sondecja już wydaje własne gazetki przedmeczowe? ;)

joo said...

Gratulacje - ciekawe czy kibice GKS Piast i Sandecji sie przyjaźnią?
Miłego weekendu!!!!

cieldequimper said...


Vogon Poet said...

Congratulations, your team is older than fottball Livorno (1912)!

Ada said...

I ja gratuluję - chociaż niewiele jest rzeczy, na których znam się mniej niż na piłce nożnej ;) Ale 17 lat - robi wrażenie, pewnie wszyscy teraz świętują w mieście :)

Anonymous said...


I bet people in Nowy Sącz were very happy about it.

Tash said...

Sounds very exciting.
The seats look very nice to me. I like the B&W of the seats and the stone against the green field.