April 16, 2009


Upholding the balcony is a tough work. These athletes (woman and man) also guard the entrance to one of the tenements on Jagiellonska Street (we called this building 'sunny optimism' - you can see it here and here).


Vogon Poet said...

Never saw a male-female couple doing this kind of 'work'! I checked the other post and all these images are wonderful: this really an incredible building.
How is in Polish 'sunny optimism'?

Jacob said...

I'm with Vogon Poet - "an incredible building"! Can't image having such sculpture at a building's entrance, unless it was some important government building.

Great photograph. I like the composition very much. Except I had to stretch my head. Which was probably good; my neck was getting stiff anyway.

So, I guess I should say, "thanks!"


J Bar said...

You have some truly amazing buildings. I wish they had protected more classic buildings like this in Sydney so that they could still be enjoyed by everyone now.
Sydney City and Suburbs

joo said...

Piękny portal! Kobieta Atlas faktycznie nie jest zbyt często spotykana.

PAK said...

Kobieta-Atlas może nie, ale Kariatyda :)
(Piszę, bo sam mam przygotowane zdjęcie z panią podtrzymującą balkon, ale nie tak efektowną.)

Hilda said...

Before I saw your commentary, I was trying to figure out how they were athletes! :D

Another gorgeous building! I have a friend who loves traveling, and I think I'm going to tell her that she must include Poland in her next European itinerary!

Cezar and Léia said...

Great shot m2!
Beautiful and smart post!
Kind regards

JM said...

Wow! Gorgeous entrance, love this one!

m_m said...

@Vogon Poet - in Polish 'sunny optimism' means "słoneczny optymizm":)
Thanks for all your comments! It is great pleasure to us that you enjoy our blog!

Juergen Kuehn said...

Another shining example for women-power!

Anonymous said...

There are some of these figures on Glasgow buildings too, but not this colour! I was just thinking I need to take some pictures of them sometime!