March 13, 2009

The view from the bridge over Dunajec

This photo was taken from the bridge over the Dunajec River. You can see in it (from the left) the tower of Nowy Sacz's townhall, the spire of properties of former monastery of Franciscans, the cupola of the Evangelical Church and the building of 'Panorama' Hotel.
At the bottom of the photo there is the Dunajec River. For a few weeks, when the spring finally will come to Nowy Sacz, the banks of the river will be a beautiful green areas where people will find relax:)


PAK said...

Takie miasto ma swój urok. Kiedyś muszę sfotografować granicę miast -- z Katowicami ;) Ani zieleni, ani rzeki, ani... w ogóle przestrzeni.

Jacob said...

I like this M-M! It is a moody picture which leaves much open to interpretation. The birds add another flighty dimension!

Joy said...

I believe you! Poland isn't confused about its seasons.

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Tash said...

What a gorgeous skyline in the old city and it's so nice to have the woods & paths along the river. I like the way you included so much in the photo.

joo said...

Świetne zdjecie, przypomina mi moje Sądeckie dzieciństwo:)
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