March 9, 2009

The red phone booth again

There were many comments about our yesterday's photo in context of the red phone booth:) Thus, today this phone booth is the head element in our blog:)
Of course the phone booths in Poland don't look like this one on the photo. The red phone booth is probably the most characteristic icon of Great Britain (next to the red double-decker:)) So it's not a coincidence that this red phone booth is exactly in the front of the school of English. We try to go into it but it is closed - there is nothing inside. It is just a part of advertising:)


cieldequimper said...


Jacob said...

I know of one just like this...which I may post tomorrow on The Villages Photo Blog...

Do you suppose the English are shipping these around the world as some sort of symbolic presence?

Do you suppose the Queen is involved? M-16? James Bond?

Don't you just love conspiracy theories?

I do like red phone booths; even if there isn't anything inside.

Jackie said...

That makes sense, that it's outside an English language school. I wonder if the teachers wear bowler hats? ;)

huevoscocodrilo said...

juz tylko na filmach kolesie tropieni przez FBI dzwonia z budek telefonicznych.

W tych czerwonych w UK mozna zrobic tylko kebaby.

W Nowym Saczu budka jest jak najbardziej na miejscu;-)