February 7, 2009


In today's photos there is the building of the Malopolian Culture Center 'Falcon' (Malopolskie Centrum Kultury 'Sokol'). The name 'Falcon' comes from the name of the Polish Gymnastic Society 'Falcon' (Polskie Towarzystwo Gimnastyczne 'Sokol') which was established in 1867 in Lviv. In Nowy Sacz it came into being in 1887 when the south part of Poland was under the domination of the Austria-Hungary Dual Monarchy. The society promotes the value of sport, health as well as moral values.
The building of Nowy Sacz's 'Falcon' was thoroughly rebuilded at the turn of the century (1993 - 2003).
In the second photo you can see the falcon on the roof which is the symbol of the building and the whole Gimnastic Society.


Fio said...

Widzę, że u was tez juz po zimie.
Ale kolorowiutki ten Sokół ;)

RuneK said...

Dziękujemy za Twój komentarz. Witamy z powrotem. Pretty zdjęcia w swoim blogu, nauczyć się wiele o Polsce tu!

Thanks, i dont think my writing are so good i Polish, i belive it's better in English :o) Welcome back to Drammen Daily Photo, and thanks for comments.

Have a nice evening!

Hilda said...

If you didn't say so, I would never have imagined this building to be related to sports in any way! Magnificent building and fascinating history!

PAK said...

Kolorowiutki. Jak ja bym chciał, by tak odremontowano pobliski budynek, dawny ratusz "Wielkich Hajduk". Stoi to-to od lat bez remontu i niszczeje. A coś koło 100 lat ma.

Christina Klas said...

What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing

And thanks for visiting Tillicum (Almost) Daily Photo.

Christina Klas